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Passionflowers, oil on canvas, 100x81cm.jpg

 Painting means exploring a new dimension through a creative adventure and bringing new things into this world. This intense experience of pleasure comes from working on happy sensibility and radiant reality. It is an inner journey that I take while questioning light, colours, and composition. I endeavour to show reality from a new perspective. Imperfection is part of my work as an experience where I can perceive ‘room’ for new thoughts and ideas. It is a sort of paradise where everything could happen. Painting is a way of living in a natural way, and everything is merged in a flow of love.


Drawing relentlessly is the beginning of it. The physical act of drawing helps me to understand, explore and to learn the subject. It’s there that I capture the energy and the beauty of nature that surrounds me. Geometrical patterns, still lives, landscapes, rows of trees, and corners of gardens are realized with manual energy linked to contemplation and feelings.


I always want to understand the light within everything. The joy is a deep journey in a place where colours are flourishing. I love when paintings draw me to their world and I can perceive new things happening, so I will let my paintings drive people to a new reality where they can find timeless memories. The research starts with a deep understanding of the subject in the drawing. Then the painting is made through the memory of it. The mediums that I use are oil painting, acrylic and collage on canvas. I study composition by working on colours, shapes and marks. It appears vibrant and dynamic, and beckons the eye into a dance of bliss.

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