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errika pontevichi, Walking through the park, oil on canvas, 130x110cm.jpg

For the artist, painting means exploring a new dimension through a creative adventure and bringing new things into this world. This intense experience of pleasure comes from working on happy sensibility and radiant reality. It is an inner journey that she takes while questioning light, colours, and composition. She endeavors to show reality from a new perspective. Imperfection is part of her work as an experience where she can perceive ‘room’ for new thoughts and ideas. It is a sort of paradise where everything could happen. In her idea, painting is a natural way of living, and everything is merged in a flow of love. Drawing relentlessly is the beginning of it. The physical act of drawing helps her to understand, explore and to learn the subject. It’s there where she captures the energy and the beauty of nature that surrounds her. Geometrical patterns, still-lives, landscapes, rows of trees, corners of gardens are realized with manual energy linked to her contemplation and feelings. Still she is inspired by modern and contemporary artists such as Matisse, Bonnard. Her recent approach to the geometrical figure has been inspired by Sam Lock, an English contemporary artist who unfolds the lyric in abstract composition combined with light. Errika always wants to understand the light within everything. The joy is a deep journey in a place where colours are flourishing. She loves when paintings draw her to their world and she can perceive new things happening, so she will let her paintings drive people to a new reality where they can find timeless memories. The research starts with a deep understanding of the subject in drawing. Then the painting is made through her memory of it. The mediums that Errika Pontevichi loves to use are oil painting, acrylic, collage and watercolour on canvas and paper. Recently, she undertook new research with waste material made in cardboard. These new Artworks convey an unexpected sense of joy. Her works are made by studying the composition, working on colour combinations related to shapes and marks. Errika's Artworks appear vibrant and dynamic, beckoning the eye into a dance of bliss.

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