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Errika is an Italian artist. She moved to London after her degree in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Art in Bologna. Art is her passion and defines her as a person, She loves to explore different aspects of art, such as vibrant colours connected to her collection of emotions gathered during her life. Her purpose in Art is based on the aspect that painting can inspire people to experience feelings and emotions. That affects her and allows her to explore Art as a language such as an expression that people use to communicate.

Recently she is working on the theme of flowers. Her research is focused on feelings perceived while she is painting rather than on the object. She is deeply connected with the emotion of freedom and enjoyment that belongs to the child. Her painterly technique combines a lively colour palette with loose, spontaneous brushwork.

E    X    H    I    B    I    T    I    O    N    S

2020 RestArt the Planet SKT Gallery

2020 FaKe Space Exhibition SKT Gallery 

2020 Espressino Art Solo Exhibition 

2020 Shortlisted COMBACT PRICE 2020.

2020 Spazio Life, Mantova (IT).

2018 PerCapitaArteContemporanea Gallery, Firenze (IT).

2018 'Sua Cuique Persona' ArTS, Trieste (IT). 

2017 Collective "37,2 Le Matin" PCAC Scarperia, Firenze, (IT).

2017 Shortlisted in the COMBACT PRICE 2017, Museum 'G.Fattori', Livorno, (IT).

2016 Collective, 'Torino Art' Gallery (IT).

2016 'Fabbrica San Giorgio' Savona (IT).

2015 Collective 'Libreria Galleria Einaudi', Mantova (IT).

2015 Solo Exhibition, 'Reggia di Colorno' (IT).

2015 'HG' Gallery, Cremoona (IT).

2015 'Salone dei Falegnami' Reggio nell'Emilia (IT).

2013 Dondolando Arte, Cremona (IT).

2012 Solo Exhibition, Dondolando Arte, Cremona (IT).

2006 First selected 'G.Malfanti' Prize, Piacenza (IT).


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