Lives and works in London and Piacenza.

Errika is an Italian artist who has now lived and worked in London. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Her study of painting technique was focused on a visceral and informal way going into the depth of her research. Errika has showcased her work throughout Italy, including two solo exhibitions. She still currently shows in galleries across Italy.

Errika works mainly with oil on canvas, while introducing elements of collage into each piece. Errika create works with lively colour pallets and loose brushwork. This technique brings a childlike joy and effortlessness to her pieces, allowing the beholder to connect with emotions of whimsy and freedom. Errika, herself, focuses her research and her practice on emotion she feels while painting, rather than objects alone.


E    X    H    I    B    I    T    I    O    N    S

2020 RestArt the Planet SKT Gallery

2020 FaKe Space Exhibition SKT Gallery 

2020 Espressino Art Solo Exhibition 

2020 Shortlisted COMBACT PRICE 2020.

2020 Spazio Life, Mantova (IT).

2018 PerCapitaArteContemporanea Gallery, Firenze (IT).

2018 'Sua Cuique Persona' ArTS, Trieste (IT). 

2017 Collective "37,2 Le Matin" PCAC Scarperia, Firenze, (IT).

2017 Shortlisted in the COMBACT PRICE 2017, Museum 'G.Fattori', Livorno, (IT).

2016 Collective, 'Torino Art' Gallery (IT).

2016 'Fabbrica San Giorgio' Savona (IT).

2015 Collective 'Libreria Galleria Einaudi', Mantova (IT).

2015 Solo Exhibition, 'Reggia di Colorno' (IT).

2015 'HG' Gallery, Cremoona (IT).

2015 'Salone dei Falegnami' Reggio nell'Emilia (IT).

2013 Dondolando Arte, Cremona (IT).

2012 Solo Exhibition, Dondolando Arte, Cremona (IT).

2006 First selected 'G.Malfanti' Prize, Piacenza (IT).