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This new series of abstract works release harmony and light heartedness. I am inspired by simple geometrical figures creating rhythm and colourful vibration. Playing with abstract shapes and colours is the aim of these new works. It started when I was drawing triangles in my sketchbook during the research of new feelings and thoughts. I immediately found attraction toward their rhythm, colours and shapes, so I decided to paint them on canvas. I got so much that it was like meditation. Painting them makes me merge within them out of the time. Usually, painting all day takes so much energy to make me exhausted and drained. In these new works, painting is a sort of flow and this lets me feel full of joy and connected with everything in a timeless dimension in a deeper way. In this contemplative state, I work throughout all day feeling recharged and full of new spirit. I fell in love with painting.

One I completed the first big work, I hung it in my living room. After a few hours a new radiant energy shone in the room. As a purification, it released new feelings and fullness of joy. It was like a new energy had been raised, then I understood that it was the power of the geometrical figures and the message within them to irradiate that energy.

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