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My series on trees reflects the landscape of my homeland, the Po Valley in Northern Italy.

On extremely foggy days, when the trees have lost their leaves, you cannot see their twisted figures which mystically stretch along the edges of the canals. They are images that have remained within me for a long time until I recognized their beauty & richness.

There are different types of trees that characterize the flora of the Po but what fascinates me most are the Mulberries. These anthropomorphic beings which perpetuate themselves in their pilgrimage along the canals, are like tired giants. Sadly, it's a landscape that is in danger of extinction caused by man and it's never ending quest in the intensification of agricultural practices. With the erosion of the land, less and less of these beautiful trees remain.

My heart goes out to these creatures. It's thanks them and their natural beauty, than even on dark and cold days, we can appreciate them and take our gaze away from the dazzling lights of backlit screens.

Gelsi 111 oil on canvas 80x90cm

Gelsi 160 oil on canvas 60x70cm

Gelsi III charcoal on paper 20x25cm

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